Panther Activities Council Uses Adventure to Promote Critical Thinking

Posted On April 25, 2019
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In an exciting new “Murder Mystery” adventure sponsored by Panther Activities Council at Alpharetta campus, students had the chance to take on the role of suspects and investigators to solve an interactive puzzle. On February 23, 2019, participants dressed up as the suspects which consisted of doctors, celebrities, maids, authors, a president of a club, a vice president of a club, etc. in AA 1140 of the Alpharetta campus for a fun critical thinking challenge. 20 students broke up into different teams to try and solve who murdered the “President of the Billionaires Club.”

While clues were being found everywhere and pretty much the murdered starring them dead in the face, the teams were still unable to figure out who committed the murder of the president of the billionaires club at midnight at the masquerade.

Some students guessed the victim’s wife, some thought it was the suspicious doctor. In the end, the culprit was revealed to be a two-timing, greedy celebrity by the name of Ella Vadar. A wealthy woman, Vadar could not resist the temptation to pull off the perfect crime, but Georgia State University’s Alpharetta students caught her in the end!

Students had fun trying to solve the crime and portraying the part of suspects in general. Like many Panther Activities Council events, the Murder Mystery was a creative way to challenge students at Georgia State University to use their academic and critical thinking skills in a fun, interactive way outside of the classroom. Through partnering with different academic and student service areas on campus, Panther Activities Council is a great way for students to get involved and challenge themselves to apply their education in fun, creative ways.