Panther Activities Council Welcomes New Student Leadership

Posted On June 28, 2019
Categories Student Leadership

Since 2016, Panther Activities Council has been the center of student activities at Perimeter College, bringing together art, entertainment, wellness, co-curricular education, service learning and Georgia State University traditions to build an exciting campus experience for all Perimeter students. In May 2019, Perimeter College welcomed their new 2019-2020 Panther Activities Council (PAC) student leaders on board.

Known around their campuses as “PAC,” Panther Activities Council’s student leaders are the vision and planning heart of the campus experience at Perimeter College. From planning Homecoming fun to hosting on-campus game shows, PAC is lead by a core group of students who share a passion for creating unique college memories.
This summer, PAC welcomes its new 2019-2020 campus board members:

President – Isabelle Balrup
Vice President – Sena Abdul-Khalea
Marketing & Assessment Director – Soumiya Kattan
Traditions Director – Omnia Mohammed
Arts & Culture Director – Mitchell Jones
Entertainment Director – Razan Alhindi
Wellness & Service Director – Israa Arman

Vice President – Genesis Weever
Traditions Director – Amesha Adams
Entertainment Director – Kennya Simms
Wellness & Service Director – Sherifa Akinniyi

Vice President – Destiny Reid

Vice President – Natalie Schindler
Arts & Culture Director – Masrura Tasnim
Entertainment Director – Nafisa Nawal

President – Ana Rodriguez-Garcia
Vice President – Matthew Dibble

In the Student Life Office, PAC student leaders are welcomed into a warm, caring community flush with pathways towards new friendships, wonderful conversations, and supportive insights into ways they can continue to grow into the ideal version of themselves.
Interested in enlivening the campus experience of fellow students? Want to see student ideas for events and programs nurtured and cultivated into stimulating, dynamic, ambitious and fun activities? Then join PAC as an executive board member!

By serving as a Committee Member, Director, Vice President, or even PAC President, students will be able to tap into the energy of some of the most enriching spaces, endeavors, and individuals at GSU as they come together to forge a collective Panther identity around the mission of producing robust, quality, and consistent programming that serves the students on their respective campuses.
Ready to try it? Visit for more information on joining PAC at any Perimeter College campus, or apply to be a part of our program board!